Jack & Heather

Meet Jack and Heather! These two lovebirds are TRULY a match made in heaven…DESTINY!
Jack and Heather actually met IN OUR LOBBY at their photo-video appointment, right after joining here in 2010! Jack had just finished having his pictures taken and was going over the questions for his video when Heather walked in…looking Oh-so-lovely in this really adorable sundress!
The coincidences don’t stop there. Jack and Heather soon came to discover that they drove the same car (only her’s was red, his was blue…same year and model). All it took was Houston Mature Singles to bring them together!
Jack and Heather are now expecting their first baby in May 2013!

Karen & DanKaren and Dan

“Karen’s and my experience here at Houston Mature Singles has been truly remarkable! Having the same ultimate goal of finding a lifetime partner; we have come from completely different journeys.”
“I was ready to find a friend first and hopefully a partner second. The typical negative internet experience and casually meeting someone on my own had me very anxious.”
“Karen had had some difficulty finding a quality person to spend time with, much less a partner. She approached Houston Mature Singles with some optimism, but was also reconciled to spending the rest of her life without a partner.”
“I was very impressed the the Relationship Specialist’s obvious attempts to get to know me and my wishes once I joined. She recommended Karen whose profile I had not seen yet. I read her profile and added her to the top of my list!”
“We were happily married in June of 2012!”“Karen accepted my request to communicate. Once we met, we both knew we had something very special! Ten months later we are deeply committed to each other and still giddy about the remarkable circumstances surrounding how we met each other!”

Rick & Michelle

“I noticed Mike as his piercing blue eyes caught my attention after reading his profile. He seemed to be genuine and straight forward and I admire those qualities. We agreed to meet at an area restaurant and he walked up to my car and handed me a single pink rose! He seemed so nervous, it made me laugh! We had so much to talk about and ended up being the last ones in the restaurant!”
“We have been inseparable ever since
“I have to say, if it wasn’t for Houston Mature Singles we never would have crossed paths! We are forever grateful to the wonderful staff for always keeping our best interests in mind!”e and ended up marrying in July of 2010!”

Patrick & Heather

“Patrick and I both joined Houston Mature Singles in 2010.
We set up our first date at a restaurant that Patrick couldn’t find for nearly an hour. By the time he finally got there, my one year old grandson had eaten all of the calamari and had been entertaining the other patrons by throwing the bread all over the floor…followed by the bread basket itself!”
“Perhaps it was due to the unusual tone of the date that made him want another, but I knew he was special when I out of frustration, asked him to hold my grandson for a minute while I got the bread off the floor and got my coat on, he had such a caring and patient look on his face and was so gentle towards my very active boy-I knew he was a keeper.”
“We have been together now for a year and a half and expect we will be together for the next thirty years!!! We are getting married February 12, 2013 in Mexico!”
“I am grateful for Houston Mature Singles as I never thought of using a service like that and my friends thought I was crazy but…I now know that it was a God-thing for sure!”

Sam & Ashley

“I should have written this letter long ago, but I have been extremely busy, as you can see from the enclosed material. I did email the staff that I would not be needing the services of a personal shopper any longer as I married another member, Sam last June, 2011! We are so happy and pleased that we found each other through Houston Mature Singles! We both were extremely honest in our profiles and videos and liked what we read and saw. It definitely was worth going through a service!”






Fred & June

“Fred & I joined Houston Mature Singles at the same time. Neither one of us had dated anyone else in the service yet and were each others’ first dates immediately after becoming members! From that first moment I saw him walking across the parking lot on our first date, I knew and said to myself, “Oh yes, this will work.” That was 2 years ago in March of 2010 and expect to be together until…. “
I regard him as a gift and I never hesitate to tell him as much. Life has been an interesting journey for me and this service was only the beginning of one of the most important blessings in my life!

Randy & Yvonne

“Actually, our story is probably an exception but it started at the front desk on my first visit to Houston Mature Singles (I credit the front desk ladies..thank you ladies!) When I was signing up, they both agreed, “This is who you need to meet!” and turned the monitor around for me to see Yvonne’s picture. It didn’t take long for me to send a request to Yvonne and she replied yes! Yvonne had only been a member for 2 months.
“We went to a seafood restaurant for our first date. We both love seafood so it was the perfect place. I arrived exactly one minute before I told her I would pick her up, and she was ready! There was a very strong mutual attraction the minute she opened the door. It was a bit chilly outside so Yvonne kept her jacket on through the entire dinner. We went across the street to a wine bar for after dinner drinks and she finally took her jacket off. Wow, the attraction was even stronger then.”
“Yvonne and I both thought the staff at Houston Mature Singles was great! Yvonne got help with writing her profile since English is not her first language. The video interviews were definitely a nice touch!”
“Future plans are on hold right now, but will involve the date July 2nd (not sure of the year, but they will happen). I would never have found my Yvonne without the lovely ladies at the front desk…Thanks again!”

Jeremy & Crystal

“We met through Houston Mature Singles in August of 2011. Within the first month, we felt like we’d known each other for years. We eloped in December of 2011! We’re very happy; happier than we ever imagined! Thank you Houston Mature Singles!



Mark and Dyan

Dyan joined Houston Mature Singles October 2010 to find a life partner. She found the “love of her life” with the help of our personal search option.
One of our matchmakers suggested that Dyan go out with Mark who had joined Houston Mature Singles just one month before Dyan. He was looking for a “quality woman”. The two hit it off and became engaged on 07/02/11. They were married on 09/03/11 and the honeymoon was in “Cancun baby!”
Mark said, “He found exactly what he was looking for and that they just fit together like a glove” with Dyan adding that “he literally moved me”. We wish the happy couple a long and happy life together.

AJ & Bobbie

“Dear Houston Mature Singles, I wanted to write to you as of this day I would like to cancel my membership. I have met AJ and we are now engaged! Thank you for everything and we will always be grateful to you!!”
Best Wishes,


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