Criminal and Marital background checks

Unfortunately, many online dating sites and services don’t screen their members with background checks as a safe dating measure. But, we do that and more, meeting all our members individually to protect the quality and safety of our dating community. It is the best option for safe dating in Houston, because we fill the role of the trusted mutual friend playing the benevolent matchmaker! The personal involvement with you allows us to usher our members into safe, honest connections according to the principles of safe dating.


You’ll meet with our Dating Experts and Relationship Specialists face to face!  While other dating services let just about anyone join, and then put their information online, our network is only accessible to pre screened, qualified singles.  And we don’t share your dating profile information with anyone without your permission.


We’re all about introducing real people, each rich in personality and heart. Many of our members are hard-working professionals who just don’t have the time to escape the job and focus on their social life, or who are just new to the area and want to meet quality people. They come to us to mix things up and meet new people socially without the hassle of having to plan every detail.

Singles Events

The local singles events make the perfect opportunities to mix and mingle with quality singles in a fun and carefree setting.  No pressure, no stress.  Make new friends in our exclusive singles network at your own pace.  You can do so comfortably, knowing that our Houston events for singles are exclusively available to pre screened members.


Experience counts when it comes to match making.  You need a Relationship Specialist with the insight and experience that can help you make meaningful introductions with the singles you want to meet.  Our Dating Service has that experience, with more than 30 years under our belts as the nation’s leading dating and match making service.  Our match making expertise and successes have been featured on Oprah, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  Hundreds of happy couples can speak first hand about the difference that having us makes!  We have member services available 24/7.

Professional Photographer

All our Members have their photographs done by Professional Photographers approved by Houston Mature Singles.  It is important to know that– What you see is what you get.  These are real people looking to meet someone who will take dating seriously.

Private Members Website

Have you considered online dating services only to find that they present an unacceptable privacy risk by putting your profile online for the world to see?

We do dating a little differently than your average online dating service. First and foremost, we offer a real-world location staffed by professionals from the Houston area. We are not an anonymous third party online dating service out to just boost our membership numbers. We have a private online member website that can only be accessed by pre-screened, qualified members as well as our trusted staff.

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